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Favorite movie(s):
Godfather, Poetic Justice, Schindler's List, 40 yr old Virgin, Dazed and Confused, Elf, Steel Magnolias, Whats love got to do with it, Breakfast at Tiffanys, Arsenic and Lace, Harvey, The Philadelphia Story, Bringing Up Baby, To Kill a Mockingbird, Guys a

Favorite TV show(s):
I Love Lucy, Friends, Will and Grace, Seinfeld, Scrubs, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Andy Griffith, Golden Girls, Dick Van Dyke, Ally Mcbeal, Ugly Betty, Greys Anatomy, Charmed, Monkees, Carol Burnett Show, Brady Bunch, Good Times, Tom and Jerry, Her

Favorite book(s):
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, The Color Purple by Alice Walker, Phenomenal Woman: Four Poems Celebrating Women by Maya Angelou, Pimps, Hos, Playa Hatas, and All the Rest of My Hollywood Friends: My Life by John Leguizamo, Anything written by Judy B

Favorite musical artist(s):
Erykah Badu,Billie Holiday, George Gershwin, James Taylor, Carly Simon, Carole King, Jon Mayer, Stevie Nicks, Foo Fighters Especially Dave Grohl, Tenacious D, The Doors, Jay-z, Too Short, Mc Lyte, Kwame, Desi Arnaz Sr., Dean Martin, Richie Valens, The Gor

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The Social Network
by Beowolf

A place to hang out with friends and make new ones.  A new kind of social network.  Create a photo album, maintain a blog, IM, send webmail, browse the web and upload any type of file - all without leaving the network.  We're brand new, so tell your friends and have fun!

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